Problem with Phone System this morning

We have an old version of FreePBX which has been working for us. I know that we need to eventually update our system but there is not an easy way to do that without rebuilding the whole computer. What is happening this morning is the system is not keeping tracking for those who are logged into the system. It also, when you go the freepbx admin page, any button press it logs you out and has you renter your credentials. All of our calls are going to one set extension, its just doing a bunch of weird things. I am sure that you are going to need more information than this, I just am not all that familiar with this system. If you can guide me, tell me what you are needing so I can give you a better idea of what we have, i’ll do my best to get you that information.

When having problems, debug logs are one of the first things to look at:

It’s true that you will have a hard time getting proper support on an old unsupported system.
So you should definitely look into upgrading it soon. This might be easier than you think.
If this is beyond your current knowledge level, consider hiring someone to do it for you and fix your problems along the way.

What is your FreePBX version? I can’t even get to the debug screen anymore. When I tried to log back into the phone it says the following below. I know if I reboot, I can get back in but for how long is anyone’s guess.


DB Error: connect failed

MySQL service is probably not running, and a very common cause is the disk is full. from bash do:

df -h

I did the df -h and I do see that drive sda2 is full which I am not sure what that drive is. sda3 and 1 have some space still left on them. So i’ll need to figure out what sda2 is and how to give it some space.

It was a space issue. I found a mounted drive and was able to clear off some space which then things started to work again. So now I’ll need to find out how to get some more space on this system. Thanks for helping me figure out where to go.

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is a simple to use and configure linux tool that would have warned you of your upcoming problem

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