Problem with parking

Hello, we are experiencing problems with the call parking today where calls can be parked, just not picked up. The logs show:

[2021-04-26 11:30:04] VERBOSE[28712][C-000017ec] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:6] AGI(“SIP/400-000013e9”, “parkfetch.agi,701,default”) in new stack
[2021-04-26 11:30:04] VERBOSE[28712][C-000017ec] res_agi.c: Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/parkfetch.agi
[2021-04-26 11:30:04] VERBOSE[28712][C-000017ec] res_agi.c: parkfetch.agi,701,default: No channel found. No one is parked on this slot [701]

however there is a call parked at 701 as shown on the console:

Parking Lot: default

Parking Extension : 700
Parking Context : parkedcalls
Parking Spaces : 701-710
Parking Time : 75 sec
Comeback to Origin : no
Comeback Context : parkedcallstimeout
Comeback Dial Time : 30 sec
MusicOnHold Class : default
Enabled : yes
Dynamic : no

Parked Calls

Space : 701
Channel : SIP/401-00001415
Parker Dial String : SIP/400

The console shows (note using different SIP extension):

– Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/parkfetch.agi
parkfetch.agi,701,default: No channel found. No one is parked on this slot [701]
– <SIP/997-000015f7>AGI Script parkfetch.agi completed, returning 0

And agi debug shows:

<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_request: parkfetch.agi
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_channel: SIP/997-00001629
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_language: en
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_type: SIP
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_uniqueid: 1619455585.86811
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_version: 13.23.1
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_callerid: 997
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_calleridname: Andrew TEST
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_callingpres: 0
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_callingani2: 0
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_callington: 0
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_callingtns: 0
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_dnid: 701
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_rdnis: unknown
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_context: macro-parked-call
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_extension: s
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_priority: 6
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_enhanced: 0.0
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_accountcode:
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_threadid: 140670226724608
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_arg_1: 701
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> agi_arg_2: default
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >>
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Rx << VERBOSE “No channel found. No one is parked on this slot [701]” 1
<SIP/997-00001629>AGI Tx >> 200 result=1

We are running FreePBX on CentOS 6.10 with all OS and FreePBX updates. Where to begin fixing it?

PitzKey - Thanks but for now we are stuck on this OS which does not meet the php and mysql dependencies. We do have a plan to upgrade to the latest but it wont be ready for some time.

Case closed after a system restart. Call parking functions as expected. Thanks

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