Problem with MWI on Audiocodes MP-124

To get MWI working on my Audiocodes MP124’s I have to add “buggyMWI=yes” and “vmexten=(extension number)” to each sip extension definition in sip_additional.conf. This works great until I change something with the GUI and then the configuration file gets overwritten as expected.

I’ve read a couple bug tracker items that briefly discuss similar issues but it’s not clear that any changes have been made. A text box feature to add SIP options would be great.

Is there currently a method to add these two options to each of my sip extensions in a manner that will survive changes made in the GUI?

I’ve switched to PBX-in-a-Flash and upgraded to FreePBX 2.5, in part, hopeing to get my MWI issues resolved.

With further experimentation it seems I just need to set vmexten for each extension. For example, extension 500 needs to have vmexten=500, 501 needs vmexten=501, etc.

Ticket 1048 was closed saying this variable is set globally on the feature code page in 2.4

Ticket 1819 discusses the issue as it relates to my situation and included a patch but was closed, saying it’s been fixed in 2.4

A single value used globally doesn’t work with the Audiocodes gateways. How do I go about getting this changed ? Preferably in FreePBX proper but I would also be happy with a hack to my own system.

Are there any known issues with the MP-104/8?