Problem with Modules Registred


I have a problem with the module of Extension Route, there is a message that said “Extension Routes is not registered
The free Extension Routes module is installed, but not registered.” But my FreePBX is already registered, in my account on the PORTAL of FreePBX.

I really need this module, if someone have a issue simillar, please tell me, how i can get and apply this modulo without problems?

In sysadmin > Licence, do you see a licence?

Example of what you should have

Hi jfinstrom

I am already resolve the problem, to get and apply the module of Extension Route , i need to purchase it too. At the begining, i dont had purchased the module because its free, i dont think that was necesary but now i guess it is.

In conclusion, my issue with the license of a module was solved, many thanks for your response.