Problem with Masters.csv in asterisknow

I have a problem with my asterisknow :-(( I don’t find the Masters.csv in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv and i need it for ma job. How can i generate this file ???
Please help me il’s very important !!!
Thanks a lot !!

This is not a support forum for Asterisk Now.

The system does not create the CDR in CSV format it is stored in the MySQL database.

FreePBX report tool allows you to export to CSV.

Thanks for your answer !!
I work with asterisk 1.6. The database asteriskcdrdb exist but the file Masters.csv doesn’t exist and i need it to have information of QOS. How can i find it ???

The system does not output any QoS data by default.

CSV CDR’s have to be configured.

Have you read the Asterisk documentation?

QoS data is sent by third party applications, not Asterisk itself. Some phones send call quality data at end of call in RTCP messages.

Yes i know and when we configure the asterisk at extensions.conf to have informations of QOS, the data will be added in the file named Masters.csv and i don’t have it which is my problem.