Problem with let's encrypt freepbx 15

Hello all,

I have an freepbx over public internet and i try to get an lets encrypt certificate.

the lets Lets encrypt process is finished process success but i dont see the cert on the /etc/keys.
Any ideas what’s wrong?

Processing:, Local IP: x.x.x.216, Public IP: x.x.x.216
Self test: trying
Self test: received 88b68cd14e9
Getting list of URLs for API
Requesting new nonce for client communication
Account already registered. Continuing.
Sending registration to letsencrypt server
Sending signed request to
Starting certificate generation process for domains
Requesting challenge for
Sending signed request to
Sending signed request to
Got challenge token for
Token for saved at /var/www/html/.well-known/acme-challenge/ccCuJ2ssnnKSTGZUs6Lj and should be available at
Sending request to challenge
Sending signed request to
Verification ended with status: valid
Sending signed request to
Sending signed request to
Got certificate! YAY!
Saving fullchain.pem
Saving cert.pem
Saving chain.pem
Done !!§§!

After reinstalled the Certification Manager module the problem was resolved.

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