Problem with install freepbx-distro on matherboard Gigabyte

I have problem with install freepbx-distro on matherboard Gigabyte H370M (Core i3 8300). When I choose disks I have error when installation try to save disk configuration. If I try to use AsteriskNOW Installation even can’t start. The same problem was with i3 7100 and chip h270. But I can install centos7 without problem and then Freepbx. Why I have problem with Freepbx-distro

I’m gonna guess that the driver for the motherboard SATA controller is missing. Can you show us the actual error you get? There should be more information there.

No. I see all my drives. I fixed it. I started advanced install and added mount points manually. I had error “failed to save storage configuration”

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