Problem with incoming calls

hi i have a WARNING diplay when i login to the cli
WARNING[12146][C-0000158e]: func_channel.c:560 func_channel_read: Unknown or unavailable item requested: 'reversecharge’
and this 2 last day my Asterisk, it stop working , and i should roboute my vps to i can recieve calls
Asterisk (Ver. 12.5.0)
FreePBX 12.0.2
i use DID Numbers

What version of FreePBX and Asterisk?

Are you using SIP Station trunking?

hello alan,
version of FreePBX is 12.0.2
and Asterisk Ver. 12.5.0
no i dont use sip station
im using DID Number

I am seeing this, too. I am using 12.6 with Asterisk 11 without sipstation and using DID and no NAT.
It is happening when someone enters a queue from an outside line.

hello BGM , thank you for your comment , do you have a solution to fix it ?

No, all I know is that “reversecharge” has something to do with collect calls. It seems like a value is being asked for but isn’t set. I can’t find it, however.