Problem with Inbound route

Hello everyone. I have install elastix 2.5 with FreePbx 2.11. I have 2 isdn card with total 6 ports.
I setup everything and is working. My only issue is that when i setup the inbound route.I create 6 inbound routes. 5 of them is working well. the last one doesn’t work.
When i create the route i setup the name, the DID (for example lets say 1234567) and the extension 201(this is on of the sip extensions that i have and is working all)
With the same settings all the other 5 routes are working. Just my last one doesn’t work
I try to create Dahdi Did channels but it still doesn’t working.
The outbound routes working all of them.
I have read everything on the internet and i believe i didn’t do anything wrong, because the other 5 are working.
Can please anyone help me with this issue?