Problem with inbound connection

I build digital PBX with HP computer few years ago.I have freepbx on centOS with FXO card for analog input (I have two analog phone lines). Insisde company I have four LG IP8815 IP phones. Everthing wokred fine, but I changed phone provider and now I have problems. My old provider was Iskon, and now is Vipnet (In Croatia). I do not know how is this connected, because I just plug out analog lines from Iskon router and plug it in Vipnet router.
So, when I dial from my company, everything works fine (outbound), but when I call any of my two analog numbers, my PBX ansver and say “The person at extension XXX is unavailable, please leave a message” Where XXX is extension on which I connect inbound connections. After I hang up, phone on extension receive message that has voicemail. So, inside company extensions are working, they are registred normali, I can dial outside, only problem is with Inbound connections. I restarted phones, PBX, changed extensions. Any ideas?

I assume you pointed your inbound route to “Voicemail” instead of “Extension”.
Could be?

No. I have time conditions. From 9-17 it is pointed to extension and from 17 to 9 it is pointed do voicemail (but recorded vociemail not default). But that is not important, I disconnect time conditions and put direct transfer to extensions. I changed extensions, it is a sam thing.
Could it be problems with codec or something like that. Maybe new provider have different setup for analog lines?

Perhaps you recorded thr busy greeting, not the unavailable.

It’s too much guessing… Post a call log.

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