Problem with Ignore CF Settings on Ring Groups


Sorry for the long post, but this is driving me mad.

I have two FreePBX V2.5 servers with an IAX trunk between them (A & B). The outbound route on each switch to the other has the Intra Company Route box ticked.

On Switch A I have a Ring Group (2003) that contains some local extensions and a Ring Group on Switch B (3008). The entry in the Extension List of Ring Group 2003 is ‘3008#’ which forces it to route to the other switch. Ignore CF Settings is set.

On Switch B I have Ring Group 3008 which contains two local extensions in the Extensions List. Ignore CF Settings is also ticked. One of the extensions in 3008 has a Call Forward All set to a mobile phone, which is switched off, so it immediatley goes to voicemail.

Finally, both ring groups have Inbound Routes pointing to them.

Now, if I call the 3008 ring group from outside the switch (inbound call) it works as expected and the CF is ignored.

But, if I call the 2003 ring group from outside the switch (inbound call) the call is immediately forwarded to the mobile phone voicemail (because it answered the phone).

I know the Ignore CF settings option states that extensions with a # at the end may not honor the setting, but within the 3008 ring group, none of the extensions have a # on the end, so the Ignore CF settings option should be honored. Why is the 3008 ring group being called from the other switch, different to it being called via the inbound route?

Is this a bug? Have I missed something? Should I do this a different way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is causing issues with the users of the ring group who suddenly find they don’t get calls anymore because someone at the other site has put on a call forward.




Does anyone have an idea on this?



absolutely no idea… but if you enable the option “Confirm Calls” on ring group 3008, you can stop calls go to Voicemail on external mobile.

The main problem with that solution (thanks for thinking about it) is the Manchester users are going to be prompted for every call, which is a major pain for the few occasions someone forwards to a mobile.

What I really need is for the Ignore CF to work correctly.

Should I submit it as a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Could you disable call forwarding system wide and then use a follow me for that one extension?

My worst problems with customers using these systems is call forwarding. For some reason the customer thinks you can unforward call forwarding from any phone or they forget that calls are forwarded.