Problem with FreePBX after upgrate my trixbox to 2.6.1

I am having problem with my FreePBX.

I cant log on to my admin page.

If i tail my log files. i receive error message

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: title in /var/www/html/admin/views/freepbx.php on line 45

Line 45. <?php echo _($title) ?>

It happened after upgrade from 2.3.1 to 2.6.1

I run into problem with myphpadmin. I uninstall the older one an manual install 2.6.1 version.
After that I got error with session. I change permission on the session Dir and that fix that problem.

Now and before I cant log on to my admin web.

Everything is working but I cant change or add new users.

Any solution

is that the forked version of FreePBX that trixbox did. If so, you may need to check with them, They are painfully behind in bug fixes. I just checked the current version, and title should be defined always. (Not that it would create any real issues otherwise as it would just lead to a blank title).