Problem with Feature Code Admin

I have just installed 2.4.0 on Suse 10.3, and after several attempts, I cannot get into the feature code admin page. The bigger issue is that I cannot get into VM or setup any features on any of the extensions. The FCA page shows me only the ‘use deafult?’ and ‘feature status’ columns with no data at all. I have checked the permissions on all of the scripts, and they are all set to be user, group, and world readable and writable. I have also checked the database, and the featurecode table has all of the feature codes listed. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I have same versions of freeBPX a Features code admin an linux os with sema problem.
I try to reinstall de module but the problem persist.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am really surprised that no one has seen this issue before or has any ideas as to why it might be happening. I was really hesitating to completely rebuild the server with a different version of SuSe (I had this working perfectly on 10.2/64-bit), but it looks like that’s going to be my only option.

never heard the issue reported. Have you checked the http error logs? Have you checked with a different browser? Suse has always been know to be FreePBX unfriendly, but not using it I couldn’t say why or what the issues have been.

I test this problem in some browser (IE, Firefox, safari, Konqueror). Same problem. A discover that the problem is in de BBDD. If a clear all data in the database mysql (feature code table), the module works or i could see this in the correct format. If the table has any record, it´s fail.
I try copy database an files to other SuSE 10.3 64 bits an it hows.
But in this server (Opensuse 10.3 32bits) fail with same files.
No error in logs.

I try to update Freepbx a Features code module with last version but problem persist

Some ideas?

Philippe…thanks for even just pointing me to the web logs. I hadn’t looked at them yet (not sure why not, but let’s not digress). I found this:

[Mon Jun 30 13:57:09 2008] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function bindtextdomain() in /srv/www/htdocs/admin/modules/featurecodeadmin/page.featurecodeadmin.php on line 86, referer:

I found that same error message on several other forum posts, and one mentioned that gettext support had to be installed for PHP in order to clear that up. After I searched for gettext in yast, I found out that I had the gettext module loaded for PEAR, but not the PHP module. I installed it and restarted apache. Voila…HTH for others.