Problem with Extensions

Hi. I was installing an extension, Generic SIP Device, and something messed up.
I´m running Trixbox 2,4.2, FreePBX
One of the extentions can´t be modified or deleted in the Extensions window.
It seems as this extension is somehow broken, but still there.
Is there a way to delete this extention from terminal or by some other method.?


This is sometimes caused by an illegal character in the extension number. The only way I have ever deleted one is to delete it from the MySQL database with a tool like PHPMyAdmin. If you are good with MySQL command line, you can delete it from there also.

Thank you, I belive you are rigth. This migth have happened, illegal character.
I finally reinstalled the server and started from scrach, the ??? time. I´m getting it now.
I tried the new 2.6.0 and it did not work at all. Everything is now managed through
SQL database, hardly any .conf options.
Finally set up 2.4.2 and so far things work fine.

Thanks John.

Magnus Kristinsson