Problem with E1 Cannot place or recieve calls

I have a Freepbx installed on a Sangoma 75 with an E1 PRI Card ()

Everything is ready except outgoing and incoming calls.

When I try to call I get a Message “All Circuits are busy Now please try your call later”
When I call in the call gets dropped.

However I connect the PRI to the old PBX which is still in place and all works correctly.

I am using a crossover cable I have OK on alarms on Dahdi.

These are settings I got from he provider in Spanish, and I will post my translation as well:

Tipo de E1= PRI-ISDN

Cantidad de Canales= 15 CANALES

Tipo de Codificación= HDB3 (High Density Bipolar of order 3 code)

Framing: no-cr4

Toma de Canales= Ascendente

Tipo de Impedancia = 75 Ohm

Tipo de Reloj= Esclavo

Tipo de marcación: Overlap

Se le entrega los 7 Dígitos a la Central del Cliente .


E1 Type = PRI-ISDN

Number of channels = 15 CANALES

Coding= HDB3 (High Density Bipolar of order 3 code)

Framing: no-cr4

Toma de Canales= Ascending

Impedance = 75 Ohm

Sync/Clock Source= Slave

Dialing Type: Overlap

7 digits delivered to the Customer PBX .

attached are my current settings

Please let me know what can I do or if I need more info from the provider.


I guess you already did, but if not, can you check the configuration on the old PBX to compare the E1 settings?

Thanks, but that is not possible and it is one of the reasons to change it. It is almost 20 years old, starting to fail and no one knows anything about it. Passwords, software needed anything. The company that supported it wne thunder years ago without anyone knowing.


you may check the pridialplan in dahdi.conf and set to unknown or local to have a try.

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