Problem with Digium Phones Visual Voicemail

(D E) #1

There is still a problem with DPMA and FreePBX and the visual voicemail - it no longer marks a message as read when you listen to it using visual voicemail and if you try to use the “toggle read” softkey it says “parameters not found, could not move message”

hope this helps in tracking down the bug!

(Kps Tech) #2

Hi Dan_ce,
I was having the same issue with visual voicemail.
I downgraded my digium phones to version 2_6_8, and manually updated DPMA module to version 3.6.3.
I don’t have the issues anymore.
I just tested, Playing a message auto sets it to read. and the toggle read button works as expected.


(D E) #3

thanks I’ll give it a go! Terrified of what other gremlins that will unleash, however! haha

(Kps Tech) #4

I hear yah. I was terrified of the manual updating of DPMA too.

good luck.