Problem with Dial Plan Elements

Hey All,
Long time reader…First time poster.
I am having a slight problem with a 2.4 Version that was updated to 2.5.0Beta1.1.

Certain Features do not work from the dial plan.


*280/ *281

Apps are included in the Context, show dial plan shows them all in the right places BUT when dialled, all I see on the CLI is a Hangup.

Has me absolutely Stonkered!!!

Any Clues on where to look next would be appreciated.


Dave have you considered upgrading to the rc1 version of 2.5 as many bugs were addressed between beta 1 and rc1.

I will push that one up this morning and see how I go :slight_smile:

Updated…still no go…
Going hunting for dialplan conflicts now…
that’s all it can be

Yup Dial plan conflict with the old Sys-Speed dial in custom apps

That’ll learn me… :slight_smile:

for future reference:

show dialplan [email protected]

should show you all the places and the priority order that they will get hit so you can see the conflict.

THanx Philippe :slight_smile:

That was how I found the problem. I had forgotten how old that that system actually was. At least it motivated me to clean it up.