Problem with Dial Patterns?

Hi everyone, we just rolled out the latest version of FreePBX to our users (migrated from another vender), and everything is working well except for one little glitch.

We use Polycomm IP550 phones, and when you dial from the keypad without picking up the handset a long distance call goes out fine.

However, when one picks up the handset and dials the phone tries to place the call after 9 digits, not letting he remaining 2 digits be dialed.

Anyone have any ideas? Are there 2 dialplans at play, one for off hook and on?


Thanks for the quick reply Dicko, yea… I looked at that and it seems fine.

I don’t mind investigating that path further, but 2 questions I have…

  • 1 Why would on hook work? The Polycom Dialplan doesn’t seem to allow defining 2 unless I’m missing it somewhere.

  • 2 We have 2 freepbx servers for 2 sister companies. They both use the same provisioning server though, so have the same phones with the same polycom dialplan. The newer freepbx server has the problem with the off hook dialing where the older one does not. Any possible explanation for that?

Well I just looked at the config on one of the phones and it has the default digitmap, it’s not loading the one on the provisioning server for some reason. I guess I’ll need to troubleshoot that.

Sorry for the BOLD above, not sure what happened.

On-hook dialing works because it does not need to do matching on the MostSignificantDigits (MSD) keys dialed against the current dialstring, it assumes the end of dial sequence (#) was pressed, as on an open dialing dialstring (one that ends with a “.”) match, I presume you have the answer from yourself on q2.

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Thank you very much for your help dicko. Working now.