Problem with CP-7962 not seeking the Config Server at FreePBX using Endpoint

I am new to FreePBX, lets be clear on that. But I understand a little about how this system works :slight_smile: So lets start there.

I just deployed my first FreePBX install with a used (but new) Cisco 7962 running the latest SIP firmware. I am having a problem getting the phones to point to the PBX server and have the PBX server push the config file out. I’ll give you a little info on how my network is designed so maybe you all can share your thoughts on how my settings need to be.

My PBX server is (example).

Phone A is (example).

So my question is where and what do I put there ?? I’ve been pulling out my hair with what to do.

So again, I have Cisco 7962 phones. For some reason I can’t get into the web gui of the phone, any ideas there ? If I could get into the gui of the phone that allowed me access to change things it would be so helpful !!


You have chosen, bar none, the hardest phone there is to get working with FreePBX and Asterisk. The 7962 is designed to work as a “dumb terminal” hanging off of a CUCM service using the Skinny protocol. The memory and CPU are hard pressed to operate reliably in SIP mode.

While I’m not suggesting this, be advised that there is a channel driver for this phone (Chan-SCCP-B on GitHub) that let’s it run in Skinny mode. The installation of the channel driver is not inconsequential and not for the average user, but it provides another avenue for using the phone and getting more complete functionality from it.

Setting up the environment for a Cisco SIP phone is challenging, and very few people and places have consolidated that work (or kept it up to date). In general, you are going to need to create the XML control files for the phone and set them up in a TFTP directory on a server in your network. You are also going to have to modify the DHCP server in your system to direct the phone to the right configuration files and TFTP repository.

Finally, as a specific foible of the system, the password for the SIP connection is comically short and easy to hack. While I understand your budget may not be robust for this project, picking up a cheap VOIP phone off of EBay might be the fastest and simplest solution to getting your project off dead center.

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