Problem with configuration IAX2-SIP

Good morning!

We are trying to configurate FreePBX, i have 8 SIP phones that are working perfectly and 1 IAX2 card to connect a intercoms sistem, i can call from the intercoms to SIP phones, but not from the phones to the intercoms. I have configurated all the Extensions (I think this is one for each phone and another one for the IAX2 card) and now i think i have to configure the trunks, is it correct? How can i configure it?

Thanks for the help!

What is an IAX card? IAX is a protocol that runs of UDP, never seen a card for it.

Sorry, its a card who works with IAX protocol and i use it to comunicate SIP Phones and Intercoms

Now I really don’t understand. What kind of card is it?

Are you talking about a network card?

What interface to the Asterisk/FreePBX box is the Intercom system (that will determine how we configure it in FreePBX).

Well, we are using a COMMEND Intercom system and we need to connect it to our Freepbx, then we use a IAX Card (or IAX module i dont know how can i say it :S) this card manage all of the intercoms.

I asked COMMEND but from his side is all ok because i can make call between intercoms and i can make call between 1 intercom -> 1 SIP phone, but i cant make it between SIP->Intercom

What brand and model is this IAX card? Where does it connect (is it a PCI card)?

What kind of interfaces does it have?

Do you have a link to the product documentation?

We connect card in Commend GE-300, the model of the card is: G3 IAX 2B and you can find datasheet here:

That’s a slick card.

All you should have to do is create extension with type IAX. Make sure username (extension number) and password (secret) match what you load into the paging system.

Yes, I created IAX extension and it works! But only in one direction! I can call from the intercoms to the phones but i cant from the phones to the intercoms :frowning:

I think i will have to do some trunk or something similar because i have to call (from the phones) to extension number 127100.

127 is the IAX extension number and 100 is the central panel inside the intercom system.

A trunk and an extension are the same thing. Just change the dial string to IAX2/127100