Problem with CID Lookup and Superfecta

Hi everybody
I begin saying that I googled this matter and searched this forum, but I really coulnd’t solve it. So, if it is a trivial problem, I am sorry.

My configuration is the following:
Asterisk 1.8
FreePBX 2.8

Additionally, I added the modules:
CallerID Lookup
CallerID Superfecta

I set up a Schema in Superfecta with on top of it its own cache plus some online sources, and added Superfecta as a lookup source in the CID Lookup settings.
I left all the CIDs and DIDs patterns empty, matching every single call on the selected Incoming Routes.
After that, I tested Superfecta with its Debug function, filling its cache with some numbers I would use as test.

The problem is that, when I call some DIDs on the supposedly monitored Incoming Routes, no CallerID is added!!! It should appear the text store in the Superfecta Cache, right? It does not!!
The only information I see in the field “Clid” in the Reports page from FreePBX is “404XXXXXXX” <404XXXXXXX> while it should be “Test Number #1”<404XXXXXXX>.

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong, and I am way too newbie to mess myself with the Dialplan…

Does anybody have any idea? Are Superfecta and CIDLooukp even compatible with Asterisk 1.8??

Please, help me out!

Thank you very much!!



Thank you anyways, but I solved the problem!
Turned out to be a dependency problem…
I read here:
…it suggested some packets for curl that I thought I had but I did not.

Installed, make&make install, restart and everything now works!