Problem with CallerID when using FollowMe

I have an user’s FollowMe (user 501) set to dial the user (501) and an external number (suffixed with a #)

When another device/user (502/502) dials “501” the CallerID for the external number is set to “502”.

User 502 does not have any Outbound CID set.

All trunks have Outbound CallerID set.

Why is the CalledID being overridden with the extension (user) number? All other internal to external calls are correctly defaulting to the trunk’s CallerID.

Is this a bug? or is this normal behavour?

Normal. Put the info you want in the extension Outbound CLID section.

You could also try clicking the button in trunk settings to “Always Override Ext CID”

I’m very much aware of the Outbound CID settings.

You have not answered my questions, which is

“Is this a bug? or is this normal behavour?”

In my mind it’s a bug. My rationale is that all other internal to external calls default to the trunk CID unless overridden.

Thanks for chiming in but you really haven’t contributed anything that I don’t already know.

If you believe this is proper behavour, please explain your rationale.