Problem with Asterisk Phonebook and CID Superfecta, what am I doing wrong?


I want to be able to give proper caller ID for some numbers and I can’t seem to be able to get it to work.

To give you an exemple of what I mean let’s take my mobile phone number…

By default, if i am not mistaken, I get the phone number as caller ID.

If I ask for a lookup or take what my provider sends me I get the name of the city its area code belongs to.

What I want is to put my name in there instead…

There are also other situations where I want to replace what would be returned by doing a lookup in OpenCNAM for example by something else.

It looked like what I needed to use was the Asterisk Phonebook (though I do not need the speed dial funtionality.

I tried it and I lose what I filled in every time…

It looks like the Asterisk Phonebook gets auto-populated (is there a way to disable that?) and when I call to do my test it replaces the phone number with name with what seems to be a brand new entry.

I created a new profile in CID Superfecta which I associated with my DID and the first entry in there is the one for the Asterisk Phonebook which seemed like the way to go.

I tested it with “debug” and it properly looks it up to, it’s only when I call for real that it doesn’t work…

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Based on the information provided, I would guess that something within CallerID Lookup is caching results. Superfecta does not require Caller ID Lookup, and if you are using both, they will conflict. Easiest is to disable the Caller ID Lookup module, otherwise go through your inbound routes and ensure that Caller ID Lookup is not enabled, then go through Admin, Caller ID Lookup and ensure ‘cache results’ is disabled for each lookup.

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Thank you!

I use OpenCNAM so I don`t think I could do disable the Caller ID Lookup so I went through my routes instead…

Maybe I am not getting something but it sounds like it would be much simpler to not be able to use a caller id lookup source outside of Superfecta or at least not be able to set both at the same time.

(Or maybe consider Superfecta a caller id source but from what I understand it can do much more (spam, etc…)).

Thank you very much for your help (and from CID Superfecta as well I believe…)!