Problem with ARI

I just did a fresh install of Trixbox CE 2.6 with FreePBX 2.4 but when I go to the ARI interface I get the message…

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/admin/ on line 83

And I cant seem to save/change settings for any extension as it returns numerous php errors which fly by quickly.

Any suggestions

Check the actual version of trixbox 2.6 you are using. has MANY, many, many issues to the point that Kerry posted a notice in the trixbox forums saying to NOT use that version.

There is a newer version which might work, but realize it’s still a beta just not called a beta at this moment.

FYI: there is not a proper way to upgrade from to As did not install many things needed to operate properly the only real way to get to is to re-install.

I just confirmed I actuall did install so should that problem ARI still be there? Any other suggestions?

I hate to say it but, the first place to check would be the trixbox site. As I’m about 98% sure that is not a golden stable release (might be numbered as such but…)