Problem with announcements and trunk registration

Hello everyone!

After I updated my setup to the current version, I’m getting the following problems:

Instead of hearing the announcements that I recorded (doesn’t matter if it is in wav or recorded directly from an extension), when I call to my land line it rings twice and gives a signal line, like it’s ready to dial a number.

What could be wrong?

Also, i noticed that my adapter is not fully registering as a trunk, but it works fine as a extension and i can receive and make calls thru the sip clients in my computers. All it says in his status screen is that the extension portion is fine, but the trunk part failed to register, as it’s also noted in his status LEDS.

My setup is the following:

  • Pc running FreePBX Distro ver. 5.211.65-3 (32bits) with Asterisk 11, up-to-date

  • Linksys SPA3102 ATA adapter

  • Apple Time Capsule connecting everyone, with ports forwarded and static address reserved for the SPA3102 and the FreePBX machine.

Thanks in advance!