Problem whith SCCP Cisco CP6921

Good morning,
i have some problem whith Cisco phome model CP6921, if i wont transfer call whith another device the button dos,t work.
See below my configuration :

;User XXX
button = line, XXX, default
button = line, XXX
description =USER XXX
devicetype = 6921
park = on
button = line, XXX, default
type = device
transfer = on
cfwdbusy = on
cfwdnoanswer = on
directed_pickup = on
directed_pickup_context = from-internal-xfer
directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
dnd = reject
directrtp = off
earlyrtp = progress
mwilamp = on
mwioncall = off
cfwdall = on
softkeyset = softkeydefaults
tzoffset = 2

id = XXX
type = line
pin = 1234
label = Name User
cid_name = Name User
cid_num = xxx
description = xxx Name User
incominglimit = 2
trnsfvm = 1000
callgroup = 2
pickupgroup = 2
secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22

Please send me feedback to solve this problem.
Best regards

Which SCCP driver are you using? The Asterisk provided one, or Chan-SCCP-B?

There are a couple of things in your configuration that bother me, but if you’re using the Asterisk SCCP module, they might be OK.

hi, i use chan-SCCP-B, what do you do?
with other cisco devices( IP7940,IP7942) I have no problems

I wrote the Wiki for using Chan-SCCP-B with FreePBX.

The transfer function on handled within the channel driver in Chan-SCCP-B, so this would actually be a better question for Dietrich on the Chan-SCCP-B forum. You might also want to take a look at the wiki on GitHub for pointers to using the channer driver in FreePBX - your configuration file is a little ‘bent’ and could use some cleaning up.

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