Problem w/ Parking on 9143i

tm1000 is the developer of the Endpoint Manager. He does this part-time, for fun, and he manages to do it for dozens of phones. Occasionally (but rarely), he makes a mistake. :slight_smile:

Now that you’ve got the Sprecode working on 2.6, could you please test it again on 3.2? I’m curious to see if Aastra has finally gotten 3.2 supporting the sprecodes…

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work on 3.2.

The phone I was playing with when I figured out the issue was running 3.2. I had gone into the web interface for the phone and manually set the sprecode. I made a call and pressed the programmable key I had assigned and, IIRC, the call got parked but I didn’t hear the parking lot slot number. But I was psyched and figured “now I just need to revert back to 2.6.” Which I did, and found it worked properly.

But my recollection is foggy, so I will test it again for you. But probably not until this weekend.

I don’t think that firmware 3.2.x is worth investing time in at this point. 3.3.x beta firmware was leaked the other day, so we can hopefully expect a new release soon. More info: