Problem using FreePbx Endpoint Manager Basefile Editor

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(Doug Hughes) #1

I’m trying to use the Endpoint Manager Basefile Editor feature to edit MAC-Features.cfg and do linekey and alert mapping on some Polycom phones. My first observation is that it isn’t possible to edit the file in bulk (it seems), and I want to add linekey mappings, I need to add 1 parameter/value for every one. That’s a bit painful vs a bulk edit, but so be it.

The real problem is, I’m trying to follow the information here:
and here


The first one is where I’m currently stuck. I click to edit basefile, and then choose my Polycom template, then the phone model, then add entry and to add a new section called lineKey I follow the instructions in the first link
file = MAC-Features.cfg
section = TOP
parameter = lineKey
value = PARENT

But when I submit and click back through the couple of clicks to see MAC-Features.cfg, there’s no new section there for lineKey. I also tried directly adding a lineKey item, but nothing shows up. What am I missing?

(Doug Hughes) #2

The solution is not very obvious, but works. The file name that you put in is not the same as the file name that shows up when you click on tabs
MAC-Features.cfg => features.cfg

Then it all works properly. There really should be an error message generated when the file does not exist. Instead it does nothing at all but take you to the next screen. No errror, no feedback.

(James B. Byrne) #3

It would be even better if the file names matched.


5 Years late and this is still haunting me.

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