Problem using Callback

I have been using command-line Asterisk for a few months now, but am now trying to migrate everything to FreePBX. I am trying to setup Callback such that when a user calls in from the outside, they can punch in ‘999’ in the main IVR. The system hangs up, calls back, and then drops them into voicemail. Everything works the way it should except that the system thinks I have picked up the phone before I actually have, so it starts and finishes playing the first voice prompt, ‘vm-login’ before I even pick up the phone. By that time, it’s already moved on to the second voice prompt, ‘vm-password’. The problem as I see it is that the system thinks I have picked up the phone when I haven’t. The following output shows what I mean:

– SIP/broadvoice-outbound-0a020ff0 is ringing
– SIP/broadvoice-outbound-0a020ff0 is making progress passing it to Local/3106946075@from-internal-2e2d,2
– SIP/broadvoice-outbound-0a020ff0 answered Local/3016943084@from-internal-2e2d,2
> Channel Local/3106946075@from-internal-2e2d,1 was answered.

But I have not picked up the phone yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks Much;