Problem to use firewall modules

First let me say thanks to the community and developers.

I need to modify my firewall rules. When I access the firewall page it gives me the error,

Call to undefined function FreePBX\modules\sysadmin_get_license()

I found another post with the exact same issue, however no solution was presented.

Might be tied to me attempting to register the box, and it just sits at the main screen when I hit submit.

Everything else seems to work fine on the build.

Current version:

Current System Version:

Is our system activated?

Thanks for the reply, No it is not. Have tried to register the system several times. After I fill in all the required fields to register the system, it simply just sits at the main registration screen when I hit the submit, or register button nothing seems to happen.

However last night I updated to FreePbx 15 from Once that completed I am able to adjust the firewall with out the error occurring.

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