Problem setting ivr for extension

Suppose I have a company/organization within the same building sharing the same telephone system, employees have different extensions assigned and if someone calls an ivr is played which tells to dial an extension.If someone presses 1 then it is redirected to manager.but what is the procedure to set an ivr for that extension?Plz help

elastix 2.3.0 5
freePBX 2.8.1 14

I assume this is for FreePBX as you are on the forum here. As I don’t know which version you are running I will give an overview.

  1. Using “System Recordings” record the required IVR prompts and save them.
  2. Using the “IVR” setup add a new IVR and use the recording as an annoucement (menu) and then program in the options (e.g. 1 goes to managers extension number, etc). Click on “Enable Direct Dial” if you want callers to be able to enter an extension number into the VR>
  3. Setup an inbound route from the DID number and set this to use the IVR
  4. I’m assuming there is an inbound trunk setup but if not you will need one from a friendly ITSP.

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