Problem on incomming call - two active channels

Hi all,
i send a question to elastix forum, but i got no answer. maybe you can help me, because what i noticed is in freepbx.
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i have 3 fxo channels. on first i on first i have normal line, 2 - line with fax, 3 - line with adsl.

what is that makes me confused is when i have incomming call on line 1 or 2 in ‘freepbx statistix’ box total active channels starts to be ‘2’.

is it something that i missconfigured, or maybe something with cables, in short or something.

can you give me some advice?


That is correct, you have one channel from your provider to your fxo, then another channel between your pbx to your phone.

You have one call, two channels

thanks for quick reply.

so i have another doubt about my configuration. (maybe it should go to another post)

beacause i have to route every incomming call on fxo nr 2 (fax number) to extension 3002, i created a did number.
then in inbound route, using my did number i routed every incomming call to desired extension.
and it is working good.
but when i call on fxo nr 1, after 4 rings i hear that fax is answering.

where can i check what’s going on?

which config files are important to check this?

Create a new thread with that question. I am not that familiar with analogue cards and dahdi configurations but perhaps another forum member can help you.