Problem on debian

Hi all,

i’m trying to install freepbx on a debian sarge minimal install. everything went ok and seems to work, but when a reboot the machine, i can’t no more access freepbx, i got ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)

i googled a bit and looekd into the machine with log files and config and found
that all the /var/run directory has asterisk:asterisk owner. i change them to root root but when i do amportal restart it automatically sets owner asterika asterisk and doesn’t work at all. even ssh is blocked for that reason. changing ssh to root grant me access.
so what can i do? where i have to modify in order to have working installation everytime?

thanks a lot.

"so what can i do? where i have to modify in order to have working installation everytime’

Why deb you just like the pain or what???

Really use centos the easy way is follow to path that most of the work is done on and that is centos.

Deb takes some tweakn…
Asterisk is what it needs to run as
Httpd needs to run as asterisk as

The MYSQL sounds like sql is running

Why deb? Ofcourse i can use centos and i do with trixbox but compare to debian centos is not as good as it is deb, especially as a server platform.

so asterisk is ok running as asterisk user and so is http.
it is not for ssh
as for mysql it’s not running, giving me that error. and it has the asterisk user wich i dont’ know if it’s right or not. i suppose not.

what kind of tweak i need to implement? why freeepbx changes the owner of all the root when it starts? i should change this thing i suppose, but where?



"debian centos is not as good"
Matter of option here, BUT you are not building a “server” you are building a Asterisk PBX, in whiich MOST of the bits and pieces are built around Asterisk installed on CENTOS.

I moved off Deb MANY YEARS ago due to this fact.
If you wish to build a STABLE PBX using FREEPBX your best bet is to use centos and save yourself the headaches.

Asterisk NEEDS to have those services running under the asterisk as ASTERISK uses many other apps to do work and it must be able to access the sub system

with DEB is more of a “path / permisson” issue than anything else

stick with MYSQL 4 and PHP 4 if you are going to try Debian.

open /etc/amportal.conf and have look
the install scripts give you the bigger picture of what is happening.
open go over it.