Problem: Music on hold by extension not an option

Let me start by saying I searched on this topic for 3 hours yesterday and was unable to find anything on this subject so I appologize if it has been asked/answered or the feature was intentionally removed, etc. I am unable to assign music on hold categories by extension in freepbx. The option is simply not there. I believe my version of freepbx is but I am not 100% certain how to verify this. I would appreciate any help anyone can provide on this subject and I am ready and willing to provide more info, just let me know what you need to know to help me out.

Version number is in upper left of dashboard. Just below the big FreePBX.

You can set MOH by inbound route.(IN 2.7)


Unfortunately in Trixbox it is not there. Which module would the freepbx version be listed as? core? framework?

The TB version numbers really don’t mean a lot in the FreePBX arena. Fonality forked their stuff away from the base FreePBX version.


as indicated, you can choose the MoH class on the inbound route. I suspect that is still available in trixbox as well.

This means if a call is coming from the outside you can set it based on the DID that is being called. There is not option to set it based on the specific extension that is being called outside of the above.

I could have swore I read somewhere that you could assign moh by extension but obviously I was mistaken. Unfortunately I only have one inbound route because I use pots lines and not voip trunks. Is there any way to select moh class based on an ivr choice? That is really my end goal anyway. By the way thanks all for your help so far and thanks to the freepbx team for a great product.

Wonder if you could create a queue for each extension with appropriate MOH for that extension. Point the IVR to the queue. You might have to diddle with the queue settings and timers, but this might work.


That could work but it would be very time consuming to do many extensions this way. I think I am going to have to resort to manually editing the extensions.conf to add the command to change the moh to my ivrs. This might be a nifty feature for a future release of FreePBX. Thanks for the help and suggestions all!

It was an option in frePBX before, here is the link the that post…

It would be great to have it back! Thanks

I used to use it… now it is gone… :frowning:

it was not an option, that setting in that link was only associated with the inbound DID, it is exactly what is there now when you use an inbound route to an extension.

The picture shows extensions not inbound routes…


yest it shows extensions. It was confusing back then and one reason it changed.

You will notice that it shows:

Direct DID
DID Alert Info
Music on Hold

all right together. Those were all settings that applied only in association with the Direct DID, which was a short hand way of making an inbound route for an extension.

There were also FAX settings at the time in the extension, which were also only associated with the “directdid” inbound route.

I assure you that the setting never had any effect unless the call came in on the “directdid” route that was listed. Here is the tooltip information for that settings from version 2.3 when it was still that way:

“Set the MoH class that will be used for calls that come in on this Direct DID. For example, choose a type appropriate for a originating country which may have announcements in their language. Only effects MoH class when the call came in from the Direct DID.”

Ok, but what about outbound calls?

You will have to make an outbound route for each phone (or group of phones) that use that particular MOH class. If these groups are large you need to group them together so you can use regular expressions in the outbound route to identify the group IE: 3XX all extensions that are 3 digits are start with a 3.