Problem installing Australian Sound Lanuage

Any attempt to install the Australian languages shows the error attached below.

When the license agreement screen is shown, it also never finishes “Loading…”

I have ran through and updated all modules using the module admin section but it has made to difference.

Any guidance on how I can debug this?

More information, this happens when trying to install ANY language, on both of our FreePBX servers running asterisk 13.13.1. The server running asterisk 11.23 works OK. This is our older server. All three are on the same network, same default gateway and DNS.

All three are running Sound Languages version

Looks like a bug. Can you open a ticket about that on please? Triage is tomorrow, so it should be able to be looked at then.

Hi Rob,
I’ve created the issue.

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I am running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-19 and I have just downloaded and installed the UK English pack and it worked ok.