Problem in upgrading from 2.9.14 to 2.10

Dear all,

I upgraded two of my servers (from 2.8.x to during last month and it was ok. But then I wanted to upgrade my last server on Feb 6th, and I got problem. I saw this post:
But I still have the problem. I tested many times with several vm snapshot of my servers.

Upgrading from 2.8.1 to 2.9.14 (with GUI upgrade tool) is OK.
Then I try 2.10 upgrade tool. It says your current version number is 2.10.0alpha0, and that I should go to Module admin and etc.
But the “Apply Configuration” disappear completely!

Then I enforced “retrieve_conf” and I wasn’t any error.
After that I performed further updates via “module_admin”. Then I got this error:

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘modgettext’ not found in /var/www/html/admin/modules/featurecodeadmin/ on line 175

I tested another time using update scripts (, but I still got the last error.

Would you please check the problem?


You nee to update framework first, then core then others.

Yes, I do that. As you know, when you are using GUI, there is no other way.
The problem in GUI is that write after I click on the UPGRADE NOW in the upgrade tool, “Apply configuration” is missed.
In the shell, I can run scripts, but I get the error I mentioned before about the modgettext.

Maybe it help if I saied that my original version was installed using Elastix. Ofcourse I use FreePBX part for the upgrade.


Elastix is not genuine FreePBX. They modify it and we don’t support it here.

Thank you for the reply; however I think this is odd since I could update my two other machines 1 month before, and they were too FreePBX under Elastix, but now update procedure doesn’t work any more.