Problem in upgrading freepbx

Hi forum!

i have a serious problem with freepbx not working anymore after performing updates through the check updates in atrixbox 2.0
Simply it doesn’t write anymore in the config files!! Panic! I tried to search the forum and found a post about this problem followed instruction and nothing improved…the relaod makes asterisk crash, bytheway…so i thought
of installing freepbx 2.2.2, not 2.3 because it’s a beta and the trixbox is in production. If i install 2.2.2 does it erase the config i have in the pbx?? Or does it load them and use them in the correct way?

please help me


I had a similar issue installing the beta… What I had to do was use RPM to remove freepbx, then re-install it, then reload my backup (just the config files), and it got it working again, although it was a older version of freepbx.

This happened when I tried to ugprade 2.3.0 b1.9 to b2.0…


it looks like upgrading form the tar ball from the 2.2.2 release or later fix the problem. just simply download the tar in /usr/src/ untar move the freepbx directory over the original one and then run ./install_amp
answer no to the change of config file than go to freepbx module admin web page and update the modules, than press the red bar to apply them.

to me it fixes the problem.