Problem in Register String

There’s a problem in register sip username contains a string @,just like [email protected].
But in register string,it should be the server address after the string @ .
Now my register string is:
[email protected]:[email protected]:65060/[email protected]

Is there any way to solve it?Thanks.

Your SIP provider should be able to tell you the format they require.

register => user[:secret[:authuser]]@host[:port][/extension]

register => [email protected]:[email protected]

register => [email protected]:secret:[email protected]:port/extension

Just put the username as the provider send it to you. The @ symbol doesn’t bother asterisk. Asterisk needs the @ symbol after first finds the : symbol that declares the password for the registration.

i try the first,but it does’t work.
[email protected][:password[:[email protected]]]@[:5060][/[email protected]]

i don’t understand the 2nd and 3th format,could you explain ?

Oh no, you don’t know write ‘[]’.
some thing like this:
[email protected]:password:[email protected]:65060/86216998095

there are two @ symbol in the register string,can asterisk understand the register string?

sure Asterisk can determine this

But it still doesn’t work…

Then you should contact your provider and ask them for the registration string that they are waiting. Might be anything.

As @jes1111 told, you should confirm the right format with your provider, and check the log for unsuccessful registration request.