Problem in queues after upgrading to 2.7


When a queue is called in extensions_custom.conf with Queue()function it just goes into a loop. Don’t connect to queue destination but some scripts starts scrolling on verbose log and it stops only after a restart. It starts again when queue() function is called again.

Calling the queue directly with queue number just gets through fine and don’t have any problem.

Seems this started since we upgraded to version 2.7. Same script in extensions_custom.conf was working fine before an upgrade.

Does anyone knows if version 2.7 has problem with Queue() function please.


It sounds to me like you are not currently sending a DID on your outbound calls. I can’t say that I have done this before, but you might want to look at this article for some details.


I want to connect another asterisk kit to this pbx on sip and then send a number from this asterisk box to pbx which gets routed to an ivr.

I created sip trunk on pbx and gave asterisk box details in outgoing and incoming settings. Configured details of pbx on asterisk box. Created inbound route with DID = number that will come in and pointed it to IVR destination.

But my test calls from asterisk box are not reaching pbx. I don’t know how to route inbound numbers to some destination on pbx coming from a sip trunk ?


You are going to need to experiment to see what number is being sent by your provider. Better yet, call your provider and ask them what number they are sending.

In the interim, you might consider creating an inbound route that matches all incoming DIDs and CIDs. Any incoming call that does not match another inbound route will match that route and will go to the destination you specify. I personally like having a “catch-all” inbound route, such that incoming calls will always go somewhere, even if you have not properly set up an inbound route for them.


Number coming in from my SIP trunk is not taking inbound route configured and getting routed to outbound route with X. in dial rules.

Thanks for explaining.

I am trying to remove my custom dial plan and to do the same from GUI. I created an inbound route to catch a number 1234 coming over a SIP trunk from another asterisk box which is connected to PSTN. But call don’t pick up inbound route and gets routed to an outbound route with a dial pattern X.

Do I need to do something additional to make this inbound route work?



What Phillippe is trying to explain to you is that your custom dialplan code is not doing everything it needs to do. It does not take into account the significant complexity of all that FreePBX does when configuring a queue and handling those calls.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, he is trying to gently tell you that you don’t need to resort to using custom dialplan code to do what you want. In fact, most users should NEVER need to use custom dialplan code on a FreePBX system.

If you are trying to route incoming PSTN calls to a queue created in FreePBX, then you should create an inbound route in FreePBX and point it at the queue as the destination. That will be much easier and should make everything work.


You are correct, that will not work on 2.7.

There are a lot of things that the dialplan does for queue calls, with a lot of variations depending on many different configuration possibilities.

If you are going to write custom dialplan to access the queue, then you are going to have to have a closer look at how the queue is actually processing calls and set up the environment as it expects.

The dialplan is not obvious as there are a lot of things going on that FreePBX expects in other places that may be encountered further down the code path, so again, if you are going to divert from the auto-generated code for what ever reasons you need to do that, you’ll have to look closer at what is going on. (You can always start by making a copy of the auto generated context that would normally access a queue, and then modify it in your custom dialplan for what ever changes you are having to make but keeping the other parts of it intact so things work.)

We are adding this line in extensions_custom to point pstn number to queue.
exten => 3333,n,Queue(2222)
It has something to do with 2.7 version because it was running fine on 2.6 since long.

I donno from-queue is where as it is in some autogenerated script. But never faced this issue with 2.6 version, so it is strange.

if you are using your own context then you need to make sure you are doing what the dialplan expects. Have a look at what is auto generated, where your agents are going to be called, and what that dialplan is expecting.

Or … use the auto-generated code which works fine.

This was working fine before upgrading to 2.7. We are just calling queue using Queue() function in extensions.conf like exten => 3333,n,Queue(2222). As soon as this is called below lines keeps coming on verbose log:

[Nov 12 09:11:40] VERBOSE[9617] logger.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] Queue(“SIP/1111-00000035”, “2222”) in new stack
[Nov 12 09:11:40] VERBOSE[9617] logger.c: – Started music on hold, class ‘none’, on SIP/1111-00000035

Lines below keep coming in loop:

[Nov 12 09:11:40] VERBOSE[9618] logger.c: – Executing [[email protected]:1] Set(“Local/[email protected],2”, “QAGENT=8832”) in new stack
[Nov 12 09:11:40] VERBOSE[9618] logger.c: – Executing [[email protected]:2] Goto(“Local/[email protected],2”, “|1”) in new stack
[Nov 12 09:11:40] VERBOSE[9618] logger.c: – Goto (from-queue,8832,1)

Same script is working on another freepbx version 2.5.

As mentioned:

Note it is going down the Local channel to from-queue, have a look at what from-queue is expecting.

(or if there is no reason to write your own dialplan, then use what is generated…)