Problem in CDR with outgoing calls


i have asterisk connected to another (provider) asterisk via ia2x trunk .
My problem is in bill seconds.
When i call out…(to whatever number)…and i don’t pick up the phone…it’s just ringing…i have in CDR output for example…duration 15 sec and billsec 10 sec…and ANSWERED
In my opinion the record in CDR must be…duration 25 sec…and billsec 0 sec. and NO ANSWER

When i call in…everithing is OK…

Somebody have same problem?
Is there some way to eliminate this “bug”.

Who is your provider? Do they offer cdr’s? Sounds like they are sending back an answer a bit early. Make sure your not being charged for ring time.

My provider offer cdr’s. I’m not charget for ring time…
I spoke with their admins…and they told me, that their asterisk send to me answer when the trunks are connected for every call…
They provide for as billing…so it’s OK for now…

Thank you