Problem in after answer the call go to Auto disconnected

Hello everyone
I have problem when ring to extension and after answered then go to disconnected automatic after 30 sec.
When saw the RTP timeout in inside of server the RTP timeout = 30, RTP Hold Timeout = 300, RTP Keep Alive = 0 by default, How can i change or disable the RTP timeout to make call free without any time to be disconnect automatically, Because can not know how long the call period between employees.
Please any help to solve the problem?

While this may not be your specific problem, have you looked through the archives to see how many, many, many people have solved this problem?

I’m found this post before write my post here but the new problem have when connected 2 ip phone’s and can make call between them, The problem was when snom ip phone call to grandstream the call it’s ok and fine without problem’s,
But after for example 30 minute. when ring to snom from grandstream after answered the call between them can’t hear any voice? can you tell me where the problem?

Hey @hunterman

Are you able to post a screen shot of the call flow in wireshark? Are you saying the call gets physically disconnected or does the audio just drop in the middle of the call?

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