Problem from snom to grandstream

Hello everyone
I have problem between 2 extensions with different model “snom 370 and grandstream gxp2160”
The problem was:
If i call from grandstream to snom and after answered the call as fine and working without any problem,
But if I call from snom to grandstream and after answered the call can’t working as fine because 2 extensions between them can’t hear, Whats the problem ? how can i solve that,
snom using codec: g722,pcmu,pcma,gsm,g726-32,aal2-g726-32,g723,g729,telephone-event.
I tired to selected all codec in asterisk server to be sure if all can work with snom but the problem not to be solve, after that I select only to sync with snom codec used and the problem was the same.
How can solve the problem that can call between 2 sides?

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