Problem calling mobile (cell phone) number


We are having trouble dialling a specific mobile (cell) phone number via FreePBX.

We can call this particular number from a pstn or from a phone configured directly to the voip account. We have no problem dialling to pstn numbers or other mobile phones from our FreePBX system, it’s just this one we can’t and it’s annoying.

We are using

Outbound route has dial pattern (all local numbers are 9 digit starting with either 6 or 9)

Trunk has dial pattern (to add Spanish code for local calls)

The number we cannot dial via FreePBX is 677693617. We have also dialled it as 0034677693647 and get the same result.

If anybody has any ideas, will be most grateful.


Who is the carrier? Is this the only number you are having trouble with? I have had issues where certain exchanges would not go through with some carriers.

The voip carrier is Blaster.

We are having problems with a few numbers, all on the Orange network.