Problem after restoring a FreePBX 14 Backup on FreePBX 15


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we recently upgraded our standby FreePBX-Server from FreePBX 14 to 15. We automatically recover a backup each day. This backup-recovery seems to be causing us problems after the upgrade. It seems like the recovery process now downgrades the sipsettings module. During the install of the sipsettings module, fwconsole extip is used. Apparently fwconsole extip does not work behind a Proxy, or I am missing some sort of setting. The error we get is:

If I hack things a little bit (which I don’t like to do, as I have no idea, what else I might break) and replace file_get_contents in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/Console/Extip.class.php with file_get_contents_url, everything works as expected and extip returns a valid ip. I guess that is because file_get_contents_url falls back to wget in my configuration (MODULEADMINWGET is set to true) and I have configured /etc/wgetrc, so that wget uses our proxy.

If fwconsole extip fails during the restore, you can’t fwconsole reload afterwards, and sipsettings is not marked as installed anymore. Can anyone help me? Am I missing something? Should I submit my “fix” to the jira?

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Edit: It seems that my fix gets reverted on restore, which means, that it does fix the fwconsole extip problem, but as it is rolled back, does not fix the problem during restore.

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Not sure if you are aware, warm spare process is different in 15. Did you recreate the warm spare setup?


Warm Spare is a lot easier and streamlined on 15. I am aware of that. We dont have a time window to switch from our production maschine to the standby at the moment, which means we are currently backing up on a FreePBX 14 maschine and recovering on a 15 maschine. This should be possible according to the big new features in 15 (the other way round would be problematic).
The recovery works without a problem even without the “patch”, except for the sipsettings ofc. sipsettings is completly broken after the recovery :confused: And that is only because of extip not using the proxy…
It’s just a very weird situation… and my “patch” seems rather simple, I just don’t what it might break somewhere else (and FreePBX ofc complains about the file signature being off…)

So nothing I can recreate, as the master would need to be the FreePBX 15 maschine for the new warm spare setup, which in our case it isn’t :confused:
Production: FreePBX 14
Standby: FreePBX 14 upgraded to FreePBX 15


Does no one have any ideas?

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