Problem after install

I have installed the 2.2.1 but when asterisk and sql is running the setup screne is still useless, theres no links to the configuration parts ?

On another server I got it working the first time, but there incoming sip calls dont work unless I use a custom context and handle it there.

Any help please ? :slight_smile:

The servers is running debian sarge.

Why debian sarge, you just like Da pain???

You followed what steps to install???

What would you prefer rather than debian ?
Debian is pretty much whats being used in our enviroment.

I followed the install doc inside the tar.gz

Centos is the easy way to do Asterisk /Freepbx

go over this guide…

Ok, I tried installing the iso you have in the signature link.
After install the maint/password wont let me access the setup url, changeing the pass with passwd maint command dont allow access either.

the guide you linked too is the one I followed, somewhere it asks to use the install file for the freepbx install itself.

user and password for freepbx is admin / admin (set for database in amportal)

(none of that httpd folder control is enabled)

for root…

root / password

Oh yea the fast way to get me is by the online help at
if I am not on line then use the message button that will come to my cell phone…