Problem adding Privacy:id to SIP header

Hi all,

I need some assistance in altering some outgoing call routes to either show or withhold the CID under certain circumstances.

I have 2 trunks for this purpose, 1 sends CID and the other does not. In order to hide or withhold the called id correctly and preserve the calling party number I am using sendrpid=pai but there does not seem to be anywhere in the gui that enables me to reflect a privacy:id switch in the header.

Thus far in testing I have just been using the following in my extensions_custom.conf

exten => _X.,1,ExecIf($["${CALLERID(number)}" = “1234567890”]?SipAddHeader(Privacy:id) )

Is there a way in the GUI to add the Privacy:id value to the trunk these extensions call from? I can set the ( Privacy: id ) in this fashion.

I am fairly new to asterisk and am still feeling my way through.