Problem aastra_xml vmail


i use aastra xml scripts on my 6739i and have my phones configured by endpoint manager.
everything is working nicely, except an issue with the voicemail menu.

If i click on the voicemail button, I can see voicemail messages.

If i click on one message to play (or the voicemail softkey to record my name) the phone trys to call “vmail” (without ") and is displaying “Message is played… message name…”

calling vmail leads to (outisbuy) “all circuits are busy now” and not to the vmail.

I can call my vmail under *97 but so it is not nicely integrated with aastra_xml scripts voicemail menu for selecting single messages…

Any help? Should “vmail” be a proper destination for my call? I have installed freepbx with freepbx distribution.



noone using aastra_xml scripts? This is stock install and it is not possible to call “vmail”. aastra message button script tries to call “vmail”… :-/

I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Where do you get your aastra-xml-scripts from and what version re you at I have no problems with 2.3.0 in which the asterisk version conditional was updated to “greater or equal to Asterisk 1.6” 2.3.0 scripts work on asterisk 1.8 and Asterisk 10. I know earlier versions had trouple with 6739i’s ( I don’t have any), also the same for aastra-ipphone. What distro are you using centos based or Debian?

You can set debugging and tracing on in:-


These files will be written by default to /var/cache/aastra

a completed transation in the log file would look much like

14:52:18 PM x.x.x.x Aastra57i MAC:00-08-5D-2A-yy-nn V: vmail_4_asterisk ext=2003, user=2003 ,action=list
14:52:21 PM x.x.x.x Aastra57i MAC:00-08-5D-2A-yy-nn V: vmail_4_asterisk ext=2003, user=2003 ,action=detail
14:52:37 PM x.x.x.x Aastra57i MAC:00-08-5D-2A-yy-nn V: vmail_4_asterisk ext=2003, user=2003 ,action=del_message



is the file processing the sip messages and modifying the file system,

also make sure that

ps ax|grep aastra

show both the daemons running (The included init.scripts are badly written for modern Linii, the daemons are run as user root not asterisk so you might have file permission problems depending on your sudoers file content )

I found something strange in one of my outbound routes. I had a 0X. in the dial pattern which I think was causing the Vmail app to try to incorrectly initiate an outbound call. Once I removed this from the dial pattern, the “All circuits are busy” recording stopped and the vmail app started working correctly.

Thanks for your assistance