Private Line for mobile technicians

I wanted to setup a private line for mobile technicians. So when they call in, they could get the voicemail box. But I also wanted them to be able to call from the IVR menu

So for example:
Technician dials the corp number
And IVR comes up with option for voicemail box and To call a customer

I got the voicemail box part done how do I allow them to dial a number.

Look at the module called DISA. Setup a DISA than point a IVR option to that.

You can also get really fancy and set-up your Inbound Routes so that only predefined Caller IDs, i.e. the CIDs of the mobile phones belonging to the techs, get the IVR that allows dialing.

If you want to dial internal extension #s, you don’t even need a DISA. Just check the box in the IVR module.

I have an inbound route set up so that when my cell phone calls in it’s routed to DISA with caller ID set to our company. Now when I call the office from my cell I get a dial tone. I can dial any number as if I was at my desk. I can dial my voicemail box, an extension, or … and I like this… I can dial an outside number and on THEIR caller ID they see my company caller ID information instead of my cell phone. It lets me keep my cell phone number private PLUS it lets them know someone from my company is calling when they see the caller ID instead of some unknown cell number.

I do the same thing for each of my sales people that are on the road. Gives them the full power of my phone system from their cell phones.