Private Beta for new FreePBX Full ISO Install system

I am looking for a handful of Beta testers who want to test our newest Full ISO installer for the FreePBX Distro. No more having to use a Net Only Installer to install the FreePBX Distro. PM me if you would like a link.

With the new Full Installer you can choose at install time if you want to do a Normal Centos Text based Installer, the Graphical Advanced Centos Installer or have us auto detect your Hard Drives and auto setup software raid just like we currently do with the Net Installer.

The current version of the Full Installer will install 1.810.210.57 and we have both 32bit and 64bit options. Once we know all 3 modes are working for everyone we will roll the 1.811.210.57 and 1.1002.210.57 versions.

I’m ready to test the full ISO.
Sorry to post here, but I don’t have your email.

Please send me a PM from here and I will send you the link. Please provide your IP that you will be downloading the ISO from in your PM.

PM sent to tonyclewis, I’m waiting more info.