Privacy Manager?

When using Privacy Manager, it appears the following apply :

  • IF 10 digit number entered is included in blacklist, the caller is told “number not in service”, as normal. Hangup. [Good]
  • IF 10 digit number entered is included is Asterisk Phonebook, (AND CLID is using Source=AsteriskPhoneBook), the lookup is NOT performed as expected. [Lenny says “Not so Good”].
    TIA’s for any tips or clues for how to fix ?

dick, Yes I did read the freepbx wiki and use lmgtfy, but didn’t find anythings useful.

I also googled ( specifically for “Freepbx privacy manager” ), apparently your expectations differ from its actual design.

(The fifth result in my lmgtfy query :wink: , but within that link there is a workaround)

Posts above seems to indicate something is “fixed”.
BUT I’m already using version 6.12.65, and CLID lookup appears happening before the Privacy Manager.
Slightly annoying that “honest” private callers who enter their 10 digits correctly cannot be recognised and greeted by Name.

The note indicates that the issue is fixed in 12, referring to Superfecta version 12, not FreePBX 12. A decision was made not to formally publish Superfecta 12, but it mostly works and you are free to try it by downloading directly from the dev site:
You will get warnings about a lack of module signature, that is unavoidable until the next version is published.

Much thanks for speedy reply and explanation.
Since we’re not using any Superfecta, only AsteriskPhoneBook for CLID lookups, it seems our issue remains unresolved. For the time being.
Faith and hope remain firmly in place, and fully functioning.